my dog barked at you.

last night my puppy sat at full attention, watching the door – and let out one solemn and quite serious bark… and of course, the door opened and in stepped a boy.  … she is becoming quite the little protector.  i appreciate her cautious attentiveness.  mind you, i have quite the voiceless dog (this seems to be my mother’s favorite aspect of the pup) and i have only ever heard her bark for play when trying to capture the attention of the wandering farm cats around my parents’ home. 

there was one other instance, where i was milling around my room, checking things online – writing out a few emails, checking in on facebook statuses, etc. – and i notice the pup sitting again at attention watching the door of my room, and letting out this low, mellow growl.  she noticed julie moving around in the living room, and it seemed as though she was quite unsure of this action.  after a few moments of my watching the pup, she stood up and walked over to where i was sitting on the floor and took her sitting position once again, right by my side, keeping her eyes and attention on the door… still letting out a low growl all the while.  i couldn’t help but laugh.  it was precious.

tomorrow i drive.
this weekend is going to be quite eventful… i feel it in my bones.
i miss my sister.  and my family. 
and i miss the boys.  it will be good to seem them all. 
(“the boys” as in, the abr guys, and the likes of them)
perhaps i shall spend some time in the city… of philly.  maybe even lancaster.
i am excited to see allison and her kids at some point.

i have recently been enjoying music of years past, as well as venturing out for new albums.
and yet i cannot decide nor determine what i should be listening to at the moment.

today i sat with a medium cup of toasted almond coffee- two creams, two sugars- and a toffee-glazed donut, and watched the pouring rain turn to large flakes of snow and cover the ground all in white in the matter of ten phases … (such a great game.  such great friends.)

yesterday was the beginning of this nasty sinus headache that has yet to go away and keeps my eyes quite itchy and my nose at a constant state of needing to sneeze.  i don’t so much ‘feel sick’ … but my tense shoulders dare to compromise that state.

… my house has been loud lately.  my headache only worsens.
the high pitch and constant rise in volume won’t lessen and even my dog has been at the center of that attention… (to be honest, there are times where i would much rather pull her into my room away from all commotion).

i recently had the privilege to be able to join in leading the campus in worship during chapel.  oh goodness, that was such a refreshing and exciting experience.  i have missed having that avenue for expression…  < show me how to love like you… have loved me >

[ today i sat in a sudden realization of a lack of allowing the Holy Spirit to fill me and take over complete control.  i have control issues.  i am learning to desire this fulfillment… it is coming… ]

beyond that, i have finished several novels.  all easy reads… nothing important enough to discuss, but such a feeling of accomplishment… and sometimes i need those moments to escape to another world away from that which i am in.  perhaps i should return these and pick up a few more for this upcoming weekend.

… the other day i was reminiscing and reviewing posts from years past.
two or three years ago.
i wish that i was much more diligent at writing down my thoughts and expressing everything from the mundane to the meaningful from day to day.

perhaps from here on out.

:: dear rachel, if you happen to read this…
:: thank you for your closeness these past few weeks,
:: as well as your listening ear.

:: and sister,
:: i can’t wait to spend quality time with you this weekend.

Now playing: The Kooks – Young Folks

usually when things have gone this far, people seem to disappear.
no one would surprise me, unless you do
i can tell there’s something going on…
everyone is leaving… i’m still with you.
(it doesn’t matter what we do.)
we can stick around and see this night through…


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