triple A

i have traveled home for the long weekend to hang out in wonderful lanc-lanc with my fam for easter. the trip yesterday was fine – bright and sunny, mostly open roads – but far too long. most times i don’t mind the long hours of being by myself with nothing but the pup and loud music… but for some reason, 8 hours was far too long yesterday.

anyway, i arrived home safely yesterday, but of course… i run back out to the car after i went to the bathroom, and lo and behold… all doors were locked. and the car was still running!! argh. i probably wanted to cry but rather, we called AAA. hmph. go figure. first time i’ve ever locked my keys in the car, and while it was running nonetheless! props to AAA though… they arrived pretty quickly and somehow popped the lock in like 30 seconds. it was crazy. and impressive.

i like being home.
mom’s cookin’ up some bacon at the moment.
i also like my sister’s new macbook pro.

perhaps i’ll write more later this weekend.


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