lonely beach nights

tonight is a strange night.

i have been blessed with the opportunity to spend this week with dear friends at the beach… but something about it just seems amiss.  or perhaps i am just really longing for a relationship of sorts these days.  some things i just can’t get off my mind…

last night i carried my large fleece blanket across the sand dunes and approached the incoming tide.  i settled down and wrapped my feet up in the end of the blanket as i laid back to stare up at the stars for quite some time.  despite all of its wonder and majesty, i still felt that twinge of loneliness… especially as the tides would roll so gently towards the shore and the cool night breeze would send chills up my spine.  the shooting star was quite the sight, though…

tonight is another night similar to last as i just wish there was someone worth connecting my arm to his and taking a stroll along the mid-night shore, stopping perhaps to briefly wrap myself in his arms.

i know the day will come, and as a dear friend reminded me today… God’s timing is more than good… it is perfect.  we just have to be ready and willing.  problem is – i’m more than willing… i just realize that God understands my readiness better than i ever will.  i know patience is the key, but i have yet to be diligent in that patience.


… for now i’ll drown my lonely nights in distant love songs, even though i realize too this may not be the best of choices.  but i’d prefer to dream that someone else purposefully played those songs over the speakers with the intention of wrapping me up in their arms for the moment…


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