currently: i have sitting next to me my cell phone, some
hawaiian tropic lime coolada after sun moisturizer (i itch like crazy),
two RSVP cards to weddings #5 & 6 for this summer (sadly, i really
think i’m only going to end up going to one of the six), and a new book
that my mom got me for the summer (Nurture, by Lisa Bevere) which i’m
actually quite excited to gain insight from.

currently: i have been catching up on the entire chronicles of
narnia… on disc. this has been quite enjoyable. i’ve been passing the
time by knitting… a blanket.
i sure hope i have the patience to finish the whole thing. it’ll be a
great blanket for winter months, sitting and sipping a cup of tea while
reading a book.

currently: i feel a sense of desperation and utter hopelessness for
china… and myanmar… and oklahoma/missouri… and florida… there’s
just so much destruction in the world right now and so little action
that i can take. the earthquake in china
just seems almost unreal and unimaginable. the floods and death and
lack of food in myanmar just makes me want to send my leftover
chocolate cake in a nice big package to drop down for the starving
children who have no food and no family…

currently: i just finished filling out my application for my internship this summer at calvary
and sent that electronically on its way. i’m pretty sure beth will be
ecstatic upon finding out that i am actually sticking around lanc-lanc
for the summer. now i just need to figure out whether or not i need
another part-time job. … i may have also landed my very own house for
several months this summer. of course, i’d only be house-sitting, but
that may be much better than living in my parents’ home for the
entirety of the summer. we shall see…

currently: listening to unwed sailor and really missing the smokey nights around the fire at the house on main in cedarville.
those nights held their fair share of stimulating topics of
conversation and a good bit of laughter… of course, i was really
getting into the swing of things concerning games, too, but this
current break is probably for the best, seeing as how i was on quite
the winning streak as of late (settlers of catan, zilch, boggle… it’s
a good thing i wasn’t playing poker)… i am curious to see the changes
and developments come the fall months, but i am also excited about more
definite living arrangements and plans for the fall.

currently: wishing i had a good cup of coffee or a late
meal at a diner… i sure do love the diners around here. the abr boys
need to come home, too, as lancaster county just isn’t the same without

currently: changing into sweatpants and preparing to rest my head on my pillow… and wondering and waiting to see if the winds will howl at my window the same as the night before…

Now playing: Unwed Sailor – Little Wars


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