not my words

i was recently confronted with a mix of feelings as i belabored over my words, particularly crafting each word with the next in order to portray a poignant thought within a three minute time frame…

i feel i did this with slight ease and excitement as i was able to somehow write out my exact thoughts, craft them with an ounce of creativity, and know that it could then be delivered in the appropriately allotted time.

these are words that i wanted to impact listeners… words that i wanted to somehow paint a picture of how God has been working in my life and to what extent my life has been blessed and challenged through ministry…

and yet i found myself sitting in a pew, heartbeat slightly racing, on the verge of addressing several thousand people and repeating the phrase over and over in my head “not my words, but Your words”…

and then it struck me.

how can i say that i want this to not be my words, but be words that come from God, if i have already crafted what i want to say?

these are not questions i feel i need an answer to…
but rather, just thoughts that swirled through my head this past weekend.

i do not take lightly the thought of what i say being “not my words”…

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