sitting in panera.


i overhear a lot of interesting things while sitting in panera.  the two girls sitting behind me are getting up and walking away now that they have finished their lunch, saying hi to two other customers who knew them from outside of the store.  their finishing conversation consisted of one of the girls asking who was going out drinking tonight, which somehow turned into discussing how some local bar was actually promoting “goldfish shots” … where apparently the goldfish is taken out of the water, placed in the alcohol and consumed in the shot.  ?  seriously!?!??  people actually get drunk enough that they figure it would be a good idea to drink a goldfish immersed in alcohol?

prior to this conversation i sat in front of a meeting of two ladies who could have been sisters in their early or mid-thirties, but most likely were just good friends, or maybe even sister-in-laws.  their conversation consisted of thanksgiving plans and gradually evolving to discussing how the one lady’s sister worked in law enforcement in DC and was quite possibly going to eventually get invovled in training with the FBI in order to move up in positions as an instructor.  i have no idea what this meant, but i couldn’t help but overhear and was quite intrigued.

needless to say, for as productive as i can be at times, i am also quite distracted by conversations in panera.  if anything else worth writing about comes along, i’ll be sure to document it.


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