understanding a psalm.

i’m reading through a book on Psalms and enjoyed this segment of text from a commentary by Ambrose (c. 339-397)…

“The Apostle admonishes women to be silent in church, yet they do well to join in a psalm; this is gratifying for all ages and fitting for both sexes.  Old men ignore the stiffness of age to sing [a psalm], and melancholy veterans echo it in the joy of their hearts; young men sing one without the bane of lust, as do adolescents without threat from their insecure age or the temptation of sensual pleasure; even young women sing psalms with no loss of wifely decency, and girls sing a hymn to God with sweet and supple voice while maintaining decorum and suffering no lapse of modesty.  Youth is eager to undrstand [a psalm], and the child who refuses to learn other things takes pleasure in contemplating it; it is a kind of play, productive of more learning than that which is dispensed with stern discipline.

… A psalm is sung at home and repeated outdoors; it is learned without effort and retained with delight.  A psalm joins those with differences, unites those at odds and reconciles those who have been offended… It is after all a great bond of unity for the full number of people to join in one chorus.”


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