december update


Well, I suppose it’s about time for an update, eh?

Let’s see… some changes in my life:
<> Graduated from college.  Actually finished this semester with all A’s and B’s.
<> Moved back to PA… house is pictured above.
<> I’m apparently hired by Starbucks, but they haven’t asked me to start work yet. ?
<> Blessing: A friend (who does photography) has asked me to help him out here
and there… what an awesome opportunity for experience!
<> Holiday:  I’m spending little to no money on gifts this year.  We’ll see how that goes.
<> I love being back around my dog again.  Love of my life for now.
<> I have also decided to re-read The Jesus Creed… so mind altering.

So really, there have been lots of changes… and so far, all good changes.  We’ll see what comes up in the future though.  I have opportunities to be a part of big things at my church… possibly joining a search committee for finding our new senior teaching pastor for the church, going along to the student ministries winter retreat which is always a blast and I haven’t been to in about four to five years now, and if I can pull it off, I have been asked to consider going to Papua New Guinea for two weeks in March… but that means I’ll have a full plate in March, and that’s gonna be tough.  Too bad Starbucks won’t get back to me so I can ask them what they think…  Oh well, I’m learning patience and provision.

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