sniffles, sneezes and musical scores

happy new year to myself… welcome to “cold” season.
i’ve been sniffling and sneezing the past couple of days now.  slight cough, but mostly a congested head and itchy nose.  i’ve already gone through lots of tissues and a few cough drops here and there.

anyway, i’ve not quite gotten to the point of complete miserable-ness, but i have been extra tired, slightly sore, and quite uncomfortable thanks to this cold.  so i’ve been curling up in blankets, surrounded by multiple used tissues, those cough drops i mentioned earlier, my cell phone, two remotes, a glass of water and a few snacks here and there… and watching plenty of movies.

i think today has been a good day, and i have now experienced perhaps my favorite of all movie-endings to date.  i watched The Kingdom, starring Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, and Jennifer Garner… and while the movie was intriguing and well done, the reason its ending now ranks so highly in my list of favorites is because of the musical score.  my hat goes off to Danny Elfman, composer, whose musical score just radiated so beautifully with the action of the film.  the music told a beautiful story all on its own.

[ seriously, if i sneeze one more time… ]  yikes.


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