hazards of love.

The quiet dance of the cello plays lightly overhead as the foam and espresso settles on my tongue with its rich tingle. I have just taken a seat at a table in the back of the cafe and have spotted a well-worn childhood classic on the chair in front of me, and I wonder where the wild things actually are…

It did not take long for the music to change and I am now listening to the soulful voice of Cat Power as I moments ago had rested my pen and chose not to dilute my thoughts, as I too often do. I can’t help it this time… I know I’m single. I will just let my mind rest there for a while… 

Sitting quietly in the company of my thoughts, I bring the cup back to meet my lips and stare out the window. My place in this moment in time could be defined here and now by a beautiful ellipses in italics. I am thinking of everything and nothing at the same time.

I love a clouded sky that brings the promise of rain.
I love a coconut latte that warms my heart with its rich foam and smooth flavors.
I am fond of childhood memories and books that capture that essence.
But I’m only human, and I can’t help but long for more.

I could do this… I could live in a city.
One with large stone houses and brick sidewalks… coffeeshops on the corner across from the used bookstore… making plans to meet up with the one I love to discuss the triviality of the day and dream about days to come.

I suppose though that I must continue to stare out the window
and wonder when the rains might fall…

Currently: listening to The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists
specifically… Isn’t It A Lovely Night?

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