silence for slumber

my head is pounding.

the aching seems to be gradually getting worse these days. i want to just close my eyes so that it might all go away.  the slow rumble, trickle, rush of the water through the pipes in the ceiling are reminiscent of effects of my headaches at times.

i’m supposed to be packing but can’t bring myself to do it at this hour.
instead i shall leave the empty bags to be filled in the morning.

the still rush of the wind caused by the fan in the ceiling slowly hums in my direction, wishing me to rest my head on a pillow.  the methodical music from the crickets outside beckon me to slumber.

sometimes i wonder how i am to genuinely silence all thoughts swirling through my head.  i want the songs from earlier in the day to stop playing their rhythmic choruses over and over… i want my shoulders to relax and lessen their tension… i want nothing but silence alongside the hum of the fan and the buzz of the crickets.

tonight i want to erase all thoughts from my head so that i hear only silence…
silence to lead me into slumber… a clean slate ready for whatever dreams may occur…

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