2009/ 09-30

the light gray clouds drifting across the pale blue sky bring chilled gusts of wind that easily find their way through the woven fabric of my shirt. i notice the scent of the cigarette walking in front of me, taking me back to later college days in back alleys and parking lots. i miss the conversations i once had with those people…

I was reconsidering a thought today…
People like to hear their name. I try to frequently say a person’s name at work because I want them to notice that they are more than just a breakfast order. Perhaps our society is so used to convenience that we have become indifferent to individuals… it is not entirely unnatural or unthinkable for one to go through an entire day without hearing their name. perhaps most people don’t even notice, but I would think that must get lonely. I don’t want to become numb to my surroundings- especially at work. I want to listen to, relate to, and empathize with the people in my community… even when I’m serving them coffee. I have thus far enjoyed the stories this community has to tell.

Anyway, I must finish my thought-wandering for the day and move on with the other little tasks that must be accomplished today…


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