silly frustration.

I’m not typically a worrier. But there are a few things that can manage to get me all worked up… one of them being: my car.

I feel very silly when I get overly emotional, and especially when I am emotional over something like my car. But today was supposed to be a day filled with sunshine and coffee drinks and lots of productivity. Instead I have a car that won’t start, and when it does, it lurches forward like a horse trying to jump out of it’s gate. And for some reason this has me curled up on my couch crying like a little girl.

It makes me wonder what it is I value so greatly about this large machine on four wheels. Is it the independence and freedom that it provides? The ability to be in control of something? Am I placing too much value on this inanimate object and allowing it to become an idol? Or am I merely crying out of frustration for not being able to adequately provide for myself? I don’t have the money or the means to take my car to get it checked out professionally… let alone the money to actually get it fixed, whatever the issue may be.

Regardless of the actual reason, the result was the same: I felt like a silly emotional girl, crying over car problems.

:: edit ::
As of now, my father has looked over my car and it appears as though it may be the fuel filter… a “simple fix.” I am thankful to have a father who is able to help me work through these issues, but the frustration still remains and leaves me vulnerable to silly emotional states of being. I must learn to not get quite so worked up, though… my ultimate provider, my Father and Lord, has me in his hand.

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