exciting things.

there are some things in life that just make my heart swell so big i want to shout things from rooftops and can’t stop smiling and just want to share news with the whole world… and sometimes it’s not even my news to share!

several nights ago i walked into my back door after spending the evening at my parents’ house (and coincidentally was not feeling so well, ready to just crawl into bed)… and promptly received a text message from my dear roommate (who was staying at her parents’ that night rather than our place, since her sister was in town)… and this is how the message read:

now that was just a flurry of emotions right there! of course i was pretty sure what that meant, even without the image, but i am a visual learner, and i wanted more proof! … i feel i must also explain that recently kate’s boyfriend jonathan has been searching for houses, and i was waiting this weekend to hear whether an offer he made was accepted. so you can imagine that while i was excited, i also had no idea what to think… was it house?! or was it ring?! both are exciting things, but of course for kate’s sake, i was hoping to hear that it was the ring!

well, i can now, with full permission, “shout it from the rooftops” that my dear soul sister is engaged and has a ring on her finger! exciting things! i also have permission to post these photos of her stunning ring! (good job, jonathan!)…

as far as the story goes, you’ll have to ask kate… [smile]


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