summer-camp mail.

i really enjoy creating things. especially when it includes crayons. there is a peace and a youthfulness that brings a smile to my heart when i get to use those colorful wax pieces.

this morning i had the privilege of being able to hang out with some of my favorite youngsters so that their mom could go off and have coffee and do whatever she wanted to do for a few hours. i have come to realize how absolutely blessed i am at this point in my life… at the age of 25 i still have the freedom to sleep in on my mornings off, and take long breaks for coffee, or sit silently with my thoughts, notes, journal, dog… i can say ‘no’ to activities (almost) whenever i want to… because i have that freedom.  i have learned within this past year to not take that freedom lightly.  i enjoy it and i make sure to bask in it while i can… but i have also learned to not keep it to myself.  God has granted me so many blessings within the past few years (all of life, really, but with hardships come many poignant life lessons) and one of the greatest areas where i have been asking the Lord to strip away my fleshly desires so that He can shine through… is in my free time. (and my pride, but perhaps that is another entry in-and-of itself).

so like i said… it was my privilege to hang out with some youngsters this morning. out of the family of four kids, only the youngest two were around today since the oldest two girls were off at summer camp. which reminded me… i miss summer camp! absolutely one of the greatest gifts my parents have ever given me was the gift of summer camp… and multiple camps per summer, at that! i truly believe that between an outstanding church ministry and energetic camp ministries, that is where God began to lay a foundation in my own life for a passion for youth and teaching God’s Word… and having fun, of course. anyway, one of the best parts about camp was the mail! i always wanted more mail than i got (if i ever got mail, that is)… and this morning it all came rushing back to me how exciting, and energetic, and exhausting camp could be… how at times you miss your siblings and parents, even though camp is so much fun, and you just want to know that someone out there in the “real world” remembers where you are and thought you were important enough to get a letter.

so this morning… i made a few postcards and sent them off to some pretty creative, confident young ladies at a summer camp this week. and i can’t wait to hear all about the crazy, energetic, exhausting things they’ll have endured.

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