enchantment of the heart

I saw the most enchanting sunset this evening… it wasn’t so much the beauty of it, but rather the way that every so often the setting sun would glimmer and captivate my entire view.  I feel like God was doing that same thing on my heart today… I realize He is always majestic, but every now and then I catch a new glimpse of Him that absolutely captivates me…

My heart was encouraged this morning by God’s Word in James, as well as the message on this passage in church.  I am learning to be someone that is determined to persevere through life with joy, no matter the trials or the triumphs.  I want to be someone who is marked by compassion, with a slow tongue and a quick ear.  My heart was also encouraged this afternoon with several conversations that I had throughout the day… conversations of adventure and life stories… conversations of heart issues… and conversations of spiritual brokenness, renewal, and longing.  It refreshes my soul to know that I have dear friends in this life that are concerned with matters of the heart… friends who care less about my style of shoes and more about seeing Christ in me… for that is the cry of my heart.

Not every day, mind you, I have so many weaknesses and issues to work on, but I long for Him to shine through me, even on my worst days… to shine in such a way that one glimpse can take someone’s breath away and captivate their view…


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