book club: narnia

I have always fancied being a part of a book club… not so much the Oprah style book club, but just the idea and availability of sitting around a table with snacks on a glorious summer evening with a few friends or acquaintances, re-living the tales or adventures from throughout a specific book, and the emotions or questions they would elicit.  And that is, in fact, exactly what happened the other evening.

A friend had recently decided to read through The Chronicles of Narnia (for the first time) and upon realizing, through various conversations, that a small group of friends absolutely adored this series of literature, suggested that we form a Book Club.  (Hooray!) Not only is it great to feel a part of something because of a commonality (reading the same books), but there is a greater sense of intention when reading now.  Of course, I suppose that was the point when I was in high school as well, but reading with intention did not seem near as fun back then.

As we sat around this round table for discussion, with lemonade, water, homemade peach crisp, chocolate-caramels, and mini twix-cheesecake bites, we geared up for conversation about these books and dove right in… nearly knowing where to begin! The thing that I love about the Narnia books is how it seems to take each person on their own adventure of sorts… and sharing these conversations and allowing yourself to really listen to how someone else approaches Aslan or the other Narnia characters for the 1st time or the 21st time, helps to bring a new emotion or point of view to this array of characters or your understanding of the author.

This very thing is exactly why I love Bible study groups, as well.  I long to be a part of a small group again that has the overwhelming purpose of reading into Scripture with intention, and gathering to discuss the adventure, the emotion… the characters and the Author.  To be able to really listen to how someone else approaches Scripture and gain insight, understanding and clarity through those conversations.  And of course, to sit around and eat delicious snacks, as well.

Back to Narnia… We decided to approach the series chronologically (which I am uncertain at this time if that is my favorite form of reading the series, but was refreshing, nonetheless), and therefore started with The Magician’s Nephew and then The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. My favorite question that was asked during our book club was a combination of “What was your favorite scene, conversation, line, etc.?” and “How did CS Lewis move you emotionally?”  There was a specific scene where CS Lewis broke from his story in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to speak directly to the reader. And it was during that scene that my heartstrings were tugged at, and to which I felt as though the author knew that someday I would be reading that passage and would need to fully understanding what was going on in the characters’ minds and hearts. How profound that a simple sentence could elicit so much emotion and understanding from me after so many times reading it through.

There are so many more things that I feel I would love to jot down as far as these stories go, but I don’t want to give too much away for those who have never read the series… but I would still love to hear others’ thoughts on these first two books.  What was your favorite scene, conversation, line, etc. from The Magician’s Nephew or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?


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