PA Floods of 2011

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Up until this afternoon, it had been raining for several days… and apparently more showers are on the way until Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw postings from my sister (via Twitter) that the water was rising fast in Elizabethtown and Mount Joy area, where she was working at an office for the afternoon.  The water rose so fast that no one really saw it coming.  My father had to find a way there, so that he could lead her and her little car home.

Last night, after a meeting at church, I went out to the Elizabethtown/Mount Joy area to help friends move all of their belongings out of the basement of their house, where their four kids lived… so much devastation and yet so much unity and selflessness shown by the church body at work!

This morning when I woke up, it was raining so hard that it looked similar to a “white out” like it does when it snows heavy.  The traffic was backed up, but the rain tapered off once I got into the city for work at the cafe.  While the rain happened to slow down, the flooding did not… the water has been rising all afternoon, and is expected to continue rising through tomorrow and into Saturday.  So many houses are lost, and roads are closed.

I took the time this afternoon to create an interactive map on Google Maps to showcase all of the roads that are closed around the county, per the lists provided by the local news stations ( and

If you are planning/needing to drive tonight or during the day on Friday, please drive with caution, and plan your routes around these road closures.

Click here to view map: 2011 PA Flood Road Closings


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