Facebook Killed My iPhone

It’s finally starting to sink in… perhaps Facebook really is trying to take over the world!

Last week, with the new iOS update for the iPhones, most of my apps wanted to update as well, so that they were usable on the new software.  I am still working off the iPhone 3G, so my phone did not have an iOS update (this was not a surprise).  I have, actually, already ordered the iPhone 4S (yay!) and am trying to wait patiently for that to be mailed to me… (sigh).  In the meantime, I currently have apps that want to update for a new software that is not available on my current iPhone.

The most noticeable of these apps so far has been the updated Facebook App.  No surprise there. It seems as though I am often fighting with the Facebook App on my phone for functionality, speed, or even just keeping it from crashing. By far the most “buggy” app on my iPhone these days (alongside Echofon, which recently has not had any crashing issues on my phone for months, hallelujah).

So for the last week, since the release of the iOS 5 platform, and its coinciding update, my Facebook App has not been able to load on my iPhone, resulting in a crash immediately when opening.  I gave up trying and have just been using the Facebook Mobile website through Safari.  This morning, though, I decided that perhaps I needed to delete the Facebook app and re-download it, to see if that would fix the issue (often it does with this scenario).  So… I delete the Facebook app, then go to open the App Store, and…


… the screen goes black, showing only the little white scrolling wheel displaying… insisting that my iPhone is “working” on something. After about a half hour of this scrolling wheel, I finally decide to take the inevitable steps to restore my phone. From here, I receive the “white apple logo of death” screen, which simply will not go away. So I move to initiate the painstaking steps of rebooting my poor laptop (which really needs to be updated… unfortunately I am still working off a PC which is about as filled to the limit as possible. In case anyone wants to provide donations for my Social Media or Photography efforts, or both, I will gladly take them! I’ll even write a review if you can find someone to provide me with a computer for that purpose! … Ok, shameless self-plug for donations is over now.) So… and hour and a half later, I’m finally rebooted, with iTunes running, and can plug in the poor iPhone, only to receive this message:

What?!!!??? What do you mean my iPhone could not be restored?? Actually, to be more accurate, I do believe that iTunes was telling me that it could not find the iPhone device. That was scary for a split second. I managed to keep my cool, though annoyed, and restarted my computer AGAIN… this time around, iTunes found the iPhone, restored to factory settings, and then asked if I wanted to restore from a previous backup.

I am so thankful that I plugged in my iPhone last week and set it up to do a backup and sync.

At this point, I was over an hour late for work (since I wanted to go in early for a full day today), so I made sure that iTunes initiated the restore process from last week’s backup… and walked out of the house… extremely flustered. Seriously though… did Facebook know that I deleted its app? Was it upset with me?! Ok, I know that’s absurd and crazy, but what an annoyance.

But don’t worry… I had coffee with me. And I stopped for a donut. (Ok… two donuts.)

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One response to “Facebook Killed My iPhone

  • Darin Zook

    Glad you are at least back up and running. We both ditched facebook this year and neither of us have looked back. It freed up a good bit of time too. We’ve stuck with simply Twitter to keep up with the social networking side of things. I actually find being limited to 140 characters quite liberating! :)

    Glad to hear your new phone is on its way too. I’m very happy with my 4S and its quite speedy. Siri is a pretty great feature too! Can’t imagine going a day without my iPhone (how sad is that!)…

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