the list: no. 002 | fix the car


fix the car with my dad

like i’ve said before… there’s a first time for everything.
unfortunately, fixing things in my car is definitely not new.
but standing out in the cold snowy weather for hours on end to help take out my faulty radiator and replace it with a new one… that was indeed a new experience for me.

i’m confident that i would not be able to perfectly replicate every action that we made in order to attempt to replace a radiator on my own now… but i do have a very clear understanding of what goes where, and the steps we took in order to take the radiator out of the car, and how much quicker it took to put the new radiator back in… after we took the “replacement” radiator back to get the REAL replacement.

(good side story: dad had already purchased the replacement, but when he took it out of the box, i stared at it for a bit while dad was under the car, and was quite confident that this thing was NOT going to fit in my little car… it was twice the height that it was supposed to be. a bit inconvenient that we had to run back to the auto parts store, but somewhat satisfying to realize that my visual perception is still intact and stronger than ever…)

i’m thankful for this experience. i’m thankful for a father that was raised by a father who was extremely hands-on (as a small engine repair man) and that he allowed my dad to be hands-on in being able to “pick up a few things” around the farm and repair shop. my dad’s no auto mechanic, but his skills have saved us lots of money (of course). and far more than being thankful for the practicality and financial savings, i am thankful for my dad’s character… that he sees a problem and his first instinct is to learn more, and fix more. i want to carry with me this same devotion to “learn more, fix more” … thankful that i had the chance to work on my car with my dad this past weekend.

although, i’m sincerely hoping that we do not have another weekend like this for a long time!


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