the list: no. 006 | hot springs.


swim in a hot springs

sometimes life brings about adventures that invigorate your spirit and refresh your soul.

that was my recent trip to visit a dear friend in northern Idaho and British Columbia. sure, visiting a beach may be relaxing, but for me… visiting the mountains is refreshing… and boy, did my soul need refreshed! there is something so absolutely breathtaking about standing at the base of a giant mountain raised up out of the earth by God the Creator.

since I made plans to visit my dear friend Katie and her husband, naturally Katie and I had to review my list and figure out if we could add a few things to cross off… one of which, included swimming in a hot springs. so I made sure to update my passport, and we booked a night at a hot springs resort in Ainsworth, British Columbia. one of the best decisions ever. the drive through canada alone left me in awe! and relaxing in a hot springs within a cave was superb… worlds more exciting than any hot tub I’ve ever experienced.

I would have loved to snap a few photos of the hot springs in the caves, but I was not that daring with my camera… so you’ll just have to paint your own picture of what it was like to take a swim in a cave.


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