the list: no. 015 | longwood gardens.

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Seeing as how it is already February, I guess I am far overdue to update what else has been crossed off the list recently!

☑️ longwood gardens

Several months ago, I commented on how I really wanted to visit Longwood Gardens at some point… so for New Years Eve last month, when a certain boy was in town, he made plans for us to visit Longwood Gardens before ringing in the New Year.  What a thoughtful thing to do!  And boy, did I love it!  I’m all about experiences, and not only did I love the multitudes of flowers and lights, but I loved the history of the whole place… I like learning about the background and purpose of things.  This place was absolutely gorgeous, and it meant the world to me that someone put the thought and time and energy into this memorable experience!  It was the perfect way to end the year and look forward to the year to come!

I guess there’s not much more to say, other than I highly recommend making sure to visit Longwood Gardens if you have not yet been there.  It’s definitely a goal of mine to get back there in the Spring/Summer when everything will be in bloom!



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