Monthly Archives: March 2015

worlds of reading. 

i’ve found myself lost in several different worlds this past week. one week exactly. and on my third book, now. it’s an exhilarating thing, to be lost in another world. a world of dark places and tragedy, that reminds me of the true depravity of this world and the need for Light. a world of paper towns, mystery and youthfulness that reminds me of the uncertainties of figuring out who you truly are in a society that expects you to grow up far too soon and yet not at all. a world of orphan trains and forgotten times… forgotten children, forgotten dreams, forgotten places. 

i don’t know if it’s good or bad that i have managed to approach a third book in just over a week. the tv is on less. my chores and spring cleaning have not suffered for it, albeit i’m not doing as much as i suppose i could. i used to be opposed to digital books. i like the feel of a book in my hands. the weight. the smell. but yet, the ease and simplicity of reading books in digital form has found true value with me this past week. and as a friend stated last night over dinner: “you can’t argue with results.” 

i just wish books weren’t so expensive. i need a digital library. does such a thing exist?