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review: the charlatan’s boy.

it has been a long time since i have finished a book and felt as though i should also discuss it. not that i think every book needs to hold a lengthy debate or be discussed once it is complete, but i feel there is a growth that comes with analyzing what you consume in thought, and i want to develop a healthy habit for writing out my thoughts in a more structured manner. and well, one has to start somewhere, so i might as well jot down my thoughts on a book i have recently finished reading.

Creative, Witty, Inspiring. The Charlatan’s Boy is most certainly a book that is geared towards a younger audience, but perhaps this is one of the more attractive aspects of this book. The author, Jonathan Rogers, manages to take you on an unexpected journey to a land filled with brand-new creatures that practically jump off the pages!  There was obviously a great amount of humor weaved throughout this story, and yet there is still a deeper sense of searching for more.  The main character of the book is a young boy that is easily characterized by sadness and uncertainty, and this story takes us on his own journey of learning more about who he is and challenges what he knows of the world around him.  This was an easy read, and would be a lot of fun for younger teens who are looking for an adventure unlike the world they know.

alright, alright… a short blurb of a review, but one has to start somewhere, right? perhaps the next book that I pick up will be more inspiring in a way that resonates more with my interests… i’m all for ending up in new lands, but would prefer a book with a little more depth, i suppose.