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tips ‘n tricks: freezing bacon

I absolutely love bacon.

As a single girl, I don’t fly through my food too quickly and often throw things in a freezer. Usually this works great – foods last longer, and I just pull things out as I need them. Life is all about convenience (and small portions) for this girl on the go!

But one thing that really gets me frustrated is the frozen bacon dilemma. When I buy bacon (on sale, of course!), I will throw the entire pack into the freezer. Which is fine… until I want to eat it. Then I have to spend several hours waiting for the entire thing to thaw! (slight exaggeration), or usually I find myself getting impatient and trying to pry each piece apart, using a butter knife as though it were an ice pick (a girl shouldn’t have to work so hard for her bacon!).

So, tonight I decided to try something new. Rather than throwing the entire pack of bacon into a large ziploc bag and throwing it back into the freezer, I thought to myself, “self, why don’t you pull each strip of bacon apart now, and then freeze it, so you can save yourself the trouble later.” I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner! So, here is my attempt at saving the hassle of chiseling away at a frozen brick of bacon in the somewhat near future:

– bacon (key ingredient)
– gallon-sized ziploc bag
– wax paper

It’s simple, really. I just pulled off a piece of wax paper, placed several strips of bacon across wax paper for the width of the ziploc bag (approx. five strips), then folded the wax paper on each side and the bottom. This created a bit of a “pocket” look with the paper. Then I repeated this step until each piece of bacon was on its own, and slid the small layered pile of wax paper + bacon into the ziploc bag, and… ta-da!



Have you ever tried to freeze bacon as individual strips? I would love to hear your thoughts… feel free to leave your own tips ‘n tricks in the comments!