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my grandpa: the matchmaker.

conversations with my grandpa can get quite interesting…
seriously, i can’t make these things up.
this is probably far more humorous if you know my grandpa, but this is still a strange and hilarious conversation nonetheless…

tonight, during a round of games, a conversation with my grandpa went something like this:

grandpa: jen, have you ever heard of christianmingle.com?

me: yeah, i’ve heard of it, why?

grandpa: well, i just thought maybe you should try it. it would be a great way to find a good Christian guy.

me: uh, ok, well, i’m not sure i’ll do that. i’ll find a guy when God brings one along… all in good timing.

grandpa: i’m just saying, it’d be a good way to meet a guy. you don’t have to like them all just because they answer your profile.

me: [blank stare] hah, ok grandpa.

grandpa: you need a boyfriend.
aren’t there any single guys at your church??

me: um, well, i think most of the guys around my age are married…
 grandpa, why are you so eager for me to have a boyfriend?

grandpa: you look lonely.

me: hah! um, thanks?
me: i’m not worried about it grandpa… like i said, all in good timing…

grandpa: hmm, i guess the girls shouldn’t be doing the looking anyway, the guys should be looking for a good girl to marry.

< game play continues on >
< several minutes later >

grandpa: you know, i can think of a few guys at our church who are single.

grandma: a few? who are you thinking of?

grandpa: well, there’s that one boy.
grandpa: maybe we should invite him over for dinner and then invite jen and sadie over, too!

grandma: oh, i don’t think she’d like him. he’s a stinky eater.

???? (seriously… i’m confused at this point.)

me: a stinky eater?? what are we talking about?

mom: she means a picky eater.

me: a picky eater, huh? yeah, not sure that would work. that’s no fun.

grandpa: well, he’s a farmer.

me: interesting. i’m definitely not a morning person.

grandpa: well, i don’t know, he sure looks healthy.
grandpa: i don’t know how he eats, but he must be fine.
grandpa: i don’t think he’s that stinky.
grandpa: i mean, maybe he’s stinky.
grandpa: … he does work in manure.

me: ok, grandpa. sounds like a winner…

grandpa: i don’t think jen is coming to dinner at our house anytime soon…