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i made the dean’s list.

I wrote this entry several years ago, but was discussing some of these life situations tonight with a dear friend and her daughter, after dinner and coffee on their patio. I told her that I was sure that I wrote about it more eloquently than I could tell the circumstances of the events, so I did a little searching…

I think many times our life stories are worth re-telling… or re-blogging… if for nothing else than to remind ourselves of where we have been… and where we are now.

Perhaps it has slowly started to sink in. He twists his head anxiously from side to side in a matter that shows his unease as the cable line sways briefly in the wintry wind of the day.  Mister Bird is singing gladly for the sunshine, but wonders where to find his day's meal beneath the freshly fallen snow.  Perhaps this wind will sweep aside some snow to reveal previously fallen snacks before the white blanket fell.  Or maybe he will journey to … Read More

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