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birth. day.

today i turn 23… awesome.
already put in some time at work this morning.
the rest of the day i’ll be taking it easy – maybe go downtown. 
maybe take my dog for a walk.  watch some movies with my roommate.
have people over to chill this evening.
and then go to bed “early” for a ridiculously early shift tomorrow AM.

this is my quote/slash/passage for this next year of my life.
i hope to keep this perspective all year round…

a term almost indefinable, is unconditional regard for a person
that prompts and shapes behaviors in order to help that person to become what God desires. 
Love, when working properly, is both emotion and will… affection and action.
                                                                                                             :: Scot McKnight
The best use of life is love.
The best expression of love is time.
The best time to love is now.
                                   :: Rick Warren

Janet know how to love. 
I want to be defined by love this year.