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the list: no. 012 | learn a new language


☑ learn a new language

Bonjour, mes amis!  I’m not sure when you get to say that you actually know a new language, but this has been on the list, and I have been actively working on basic vocab for a new language, so I feel confident that I can post about this item on the list at this point.

I have always found the French language to be extremely beautiful, but unfortunately did not have the option to learn the language through classes in high school. And at the present moment, I have several friends living overseas in French-speaking countries, which is plenty of motivation to want to learn the language. I know that this will take a long time to learn the language and be able to both understand and speak fluently, but I am currently being proactive about my learning opportunities. Actually, mostly by accident, I have even found a fun (and free!) tool for learning the new language. If you have not yet heard of Duolingo, I suggest that you click to check our their website! I stumbled across the free app for iPhone, and signed up right away. So far the app is taking me through several lessons for basic vocab words, with plenty of repetition (which is important to me!), and mixes up the opportunities to hear, speak, type, and translate the words and sentences. Again, I’m only a few lessons in, but I’m already extremely excited about this tool!  There is even an option to connect with friends, so my sister and I are both working through some basic lessons at the same time.

Hopefully there will be more updates in the future regarding my progress in learning French, but it’s exciting to pursue something else on the list!

Merci d’avoir lu!