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the list: no. 009 | kayaking

go kayaking

being on the water was nothing new… one of my favorite youthful memories include the days I spent on the water in a canoe w/ my peers from youth group in junior high. those days were amazing… all day floating lazily along the river and then setting up camp on the side of the river and playing numerous rounds of mafia well into the night… I even ate rattlesnake once.

but being in a kayak… that was a new experience. and I must say, after my afternoon in a kayak, it is far preferred over the canoe. still spent another lazy day on the river w/ a dear friend … allowed some fabulous uninterrupted conversation. (except for that one time we were treated to a show by the local bald eagle… what majesty!)

I do believe that now I shall perhaps include “a kayak” to a different type of list… Christmas list perhaps.