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life update: full-time.

it’s been a long time since i have actually written out the activities and changes that have occurred in my life. for that reason, sharing where i am at and what i am currently up to, is extremely intimidating.

many of you know that for me, finding a full-time job has been a long time coming.  and praise the Lord, after much waiting, searching, and wondering, i was offered a full-time position this past April.  i accepted an offer to work for a local bank in their internet banking department, which means i am now a mix of tech support and customer service.  slightly intimidating, but a unique and actually exciting challenge most days.

believe it or not, since i started in April, up until this point, i have been doing some pretty crazy training/job application day after day for this position.  goodness, there’s so much learn. federal regulations, new programs, account information, phone systems. whew! but truth be told, i’m actually somewhat of a data-computer geek, so i took to the data-entry part of the job quite quickly, and the customer service part just required a bit of a confidence boost (once i felt like i knew what i was doing) and everything else is just constant problem-solving.

i really like solving problems. it’s like i’m working on unique puzzles every day.

full-time employment is such a huge blessing. and naturally, i feel much more grown up. life doesn’t necessarily feel any more or less busy, though. it’s just a different kind of busy. my days require earlier mornings, routine lifestyle, and fewer evening activities, ensuring that i spend lots of time with my dear sadie.

today i worked a late shift, and had the opportunity to walk through the back parking lots, to meet my father for dinner at a new restaurant/brewpup that just opened in downtown Lititz. a little on the expensive side, for “pub food” but so absolutely worth it. dad and i tried four different foods… campfire chili, chipotle beef quesadillas, tequila lime chicken wings, and the “hog wild” pulled pork w/ rootbeer bbq sauce sandwich including homemade potato chips and pickles on the side. oh my goodness, i’m still stuffed. late dinner with my dad after working late… was definitely the highlight of my week. not only am i blessed to have a full-time job, but to be able to be working and living near enough to my parents, to be able to meet up last minute to enjoy their company, catch up on life, and share good food. the Lord has blessed me with so many dear things and His Grace is overwhelming in my life.

sunset of grace… my post-work view on my walk to my car.

how have you seen God’s blessings in your life this year?