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treasured: grace.

I absolutely love birthdays.  I will always treasure birthdays, not because of being able to celebrate myself, but because it gives me a chance to celebrate with the people I love the most…

Yesterday, I received the most beautiful birthday flowers in the mail, with the simple message: #treasured … There are many people who have my heart, for I treasure so many of my friendships, but this one in particular brought tears to my eyes and I’m a bit overwhelmed by grace today…


Recently, I have been studying through the book of James with some of my closest friends… this past week we were discussing Chapter 2, verses 14-26… looking at genuine faith.  Within that discussion, there was a focus on the life and actions of Abraham… God promised Abraham a son from whom he would receive many descendants, but then asked Abraham to sacrifice his one and only son… that which he treasured most!… and Abraham obeyed God’s direction with the faith that God would keep his promise, even if it meant losing his son in this moment!  Abraham had such a strong belief in God and His Promise that he was willing and ready to give up his most treasured son!

If this doesn’t hit home enough, remember that Abraham wasn’t able to have kids until he was almost 80! And then God provided him with a son when he thought all hope was lost… then, in the midst of raising a teenage boy, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son on an altar!  Abraham didn’t have a back-up… it’s not like the Lord asking me to give up some of my clothes to the woman on the street that has none… that would perhaps be a stretch for me, sure, but I have other clothes…  so this really got me thinking: What do I treasure the most?!  Do I have a faith that is based on immediate submission and willingness to obey God, regardless of the cost?

And what gets me the most about this story, is that Abraham gets to the altar, ready to present his son as a sacrifice, and it is in that moment that the Lord provides a ram for Abraham to offer up instead of his own son… can you even imagine the overwhelming feeling of relief… and grace?!  There have been so many times in my life where I have seen the Lord wash over me with grace that brings me to my knees, and yet I still sit here and wonder if I am giving him everything that I treasure…

I am not content to just recognize treasures in my life.  I want to pursue submission to God in all things… so that I can say that my treasures are so tightly wrapped around the will of God, that my heart is there also…

For where your treasure is,
there your heart is also.
[ Matthew 6:21]

p.s. – i adore flowers.  and i adore the one that gave me these flowers.  i am seriously overwhelmed by the grace of God that shines so brightly through this bouquet!