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Olympics 2012.

I decided the other day, after watching (most of) the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympics, to put together a list of Olympians to follow on Twitter and Instagram, to help me keep up with what is going on in London during the Olympic Games.  I really really like organizing… so lists are helpful.  (If you’re on Twitter and have never created a list before… shame on you.)

As I was browsing through Twitter, searching for Olympians to add to this list, I must say I was actually surprised at how many of these Olympians were giving glory to God or praise to Jesus Christ!  This shouldn’t be a surprise, though… I can’t imagine being an athlete or competitor without having Christ to rely on! The perseverance… the strength… the courage… the determination… all of the character traits that I would associate with an Olympic athlete parallel so closely with the character traits needed to consistently pursue Christ.

It would be easy to say that as Christians we should be “praying for these Olympians to win” but I think anyone that truly understands the character of Christ would know that those would be extremely selfish prayers.  Rather, we should be praying that these individuals would continue to SHINE LIKE CHRIST in all circumstances, that as they continue to give Glory to God in their wins and their losses, that their character would be a true testament to who they are as both a Christ-follower and an amazing Olympian athlete… so much so that their fellow competitors would have no choice but to ask them about it.

I’m excited to watch some of these athletes in particular, praying they may have opportunities to shine like Christ in all that they do… what an exciting opportunity they have!  Here are a few of the athletes I am particularly excited to keep an eye on:

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